The Road to Equal Justice: Miami

June 18 and 25, 2021

The Road to Equal Justice in Miami took place on June 18 and 25, 2021 with 44 participants from 23 organizations. The first session covered data analysis and visualization strategies while the second session covered media and social media strategies. The 23 organizations represented a combined 100,960 constituents in Miami.

Top issues: Access to Justice, Education, Economic Justice, and Criminal Justice Reform, LGTBQ Inclusion

Top technology needs: Data Analysis and Visualization, Social Media Strategies, and Survey/Data Collection Tools

Notable participants: Miami's Public Defender Carlos Martinez, University of Miami, Code for South Florida, Measures for Justice, Community Justice Project

Data for criminal justice reform - Presentation

Commons data platform for criminal justice reform

Dr. Gipsy Escobar, Measures for Justice

Data collection/survey platforms - The Opportunity Atlas
Slides and Presentation
Tim Receveur,
PeaceTech Lab

Data Visualization and Analysis Presentation
Slides and Presentation
Amelia Kohm, PhD from Data Viz for Nonprofits